Six steps to reap full benefits of PPC in your business: Introduction

Do you remember how two decades ago a business could purchase a yellow page ad and pray to reach its target audiences? Just like the old times, paid advertising today is necessary and unavoidable. But, the platform and a few rules have changed. Now, you just cannot sit and pray for your target audiences to […]

How to Bulk Verify your multi-store listings on Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) Bulk Location is a powerful feature if you have a business with 10 or more locations. The main benefits from GMB Bulk Location are: Whether you have 10 or 1,000 locations, you can verify all your locations at one time. To best appreciate this feature, imagine having to verify 1,000 locations […]

How to Find The Business Categories Available on Google My Business

The business category that you choose to list in Google My Business (GMB) is critical. It will determine how Google will rank your business based on its relevance, every time your target audience goes on Search. You must choose one major category, and may add up to nine sub-categories. Here are some pointers to help […]